Chargeable Services:

  1. Configuration Services: This pertains to configuring special components and peripheral devices in addition to the installation of Operating System and basic components such as hard drive, video card, CD ROM, modem, sound card, NIC, zip drive. Special components include printer, scanner, DVD and others which require extra effort and time.
  2. Diagnostic:Trouble-shooting or upgrading services. When computer is brought in for diagnosis whether it is repaired or not, there will be a charge. Trouble-shooting would include the removal of computer viruses.
  3. Resolving of conflict: In the case of a user introducing new hardware/software to the system, which could give rise to the conflict of IRQs, DMA, addresses, and incompatibility, we provide this service for the price indicated below.
  4. Software installation: This is considered either at the time of purchase or a later date. Application software would include fax/modem software, wordprocessing, games, Ms Office, etc.
  5. Networking services: This is best to refer to our Network Specialists.
  6. Instructional services: Occasionally, first time users may request instructional services on how to operate the computer, and how to use the modem, How to create icons and personalize desktop. This service is based on half an hour chargeable time.
  7. Priority services: This pertains to repairing of the computer within 24 hours or immediately with the indicated charge.
  8. On-Site services: There will always be a charge for this service whether the computer is under warranty or not.

Services Minimum Rates per Hour
Virus Removal $75.00
Memory Installation $15.00
Notebook Repair $75.00+
Hardware Upgrades
Resolving Conflict
Networking & On-Site $125.00
Priority (24Hr Turnaround) $125.00
Priority (Immediate Service) $145.00
There are no refunds on labor.